Accuracy of observation is the equivalent of accuracy of thinking (Wallace Stevens, 1894)

In life it is essential to have a vision. This vision must be complete, a bit detailed and accurate. Focus on the things that matter in life. Besides, when being accurate it is important to be complete since it shows your willingness to cover all aspects you have thought of. I am vigorous when working in a team and I have a certain drive that empowers me to be precise and accurate. This also helps me when coding (t)-SQL and writing a user friendly code that is readable for any other developers.

The competence of accuracy was especially developed during my Master’s program at the University of Groningen. The master’s program showed me how essential it is to be exact, accurate and detailed. When working on papers, assignments and exams it is important to eliminate as much errors as possible by being exact. Besides, during my master’s program in Marketing Intelligence I learned that when conducting an analysis of a big data set. It is not about big data but about small data in life. By small data I mean that it is essential to focus on the details that matter. These details determine whether an analysis is complete and in the end, successful. This was confirmed during my first year at VodafoneZiggo, the amount of data is BIG. We make choices based on a variety of criteria that enables us to deliver the best with the right amount of effort.